Supporting Institutions

Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation(RIICO)

Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) popularly known as RIICO is a premier agency of Government of Rajasthan that has played an important role in the industrial development of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd., since its inception in 1969, has emerged as a multi-faceted and dynamic institution. It has kept pace with the industrialisation process in providing complete and innovative means of financial and investment support services .RIICO is also the sole government agency in the State involved in the development of land for industrial enterprises. Large, medium and small scale projects get an easy access to a ready -to- use base with supportive infrastructure facilities in the industrial areas, developed and managed by RIICO. The financial and vital infrastructural facilities provided by RIICO have contributed to promoting an accelerated growth of industrial sector in the State.



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Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP)

On world scenario, the urban areas are becoming centres of economic growth. Because of the rapid growth and urbanization, there has been an increased pressure on the urban infrastructure facilities. Citing this growth, the Government of Rajasthan (GoR) took Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) with the loan assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB), to provide integrated quality infrastructural facilities in six divisional headquarters of the State and with the further requirement it was extended to 15 more towns under RUIDP Phase-II Rajasthan Urban Sector Development & Investment Programme (RUSDIP). The GoR formed RUIDP and entrusted the work of the infrastructure development in the urban cities.



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Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC)

The Rajasthan Financial Corporation (RFC) was constituted for providing long term financial support to tiny, small scale and medium scale industries in the state. Users can find information related to assisted successful entrepreneurs, loan schemes, special settlement schemes, new interest rates structure and individual beneficiary schemes.


The Corporation is continuing to work as a Catalyst of development for translating into practice the industrial policies and priorities of the Central and the State Governments as also for providing and improving upon immediate assistance in the planned and balanced development of industries in the State, particularly in the small and tiny sectors.


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Rajasthan Khadi & Village Industries Board, Jaipur (Rajasthan Khadi & GramoUdyog Board)

Rajasthan Khadi and Village Industries Board is an agency of Government of Rajasthan set up in 1955 for assisting and encouraging Khadi and Village industries in Rajasthan. One Village Industries Officer (VIO) is posted by the Board in every Panchayat Samiti. VIO looks after the development of Village Industry in the area of his Panchayat Samiti. He apprises people and encourages them to establish projects. Every district has District Industries Officer (Khadi) (DIO) who sits in office of District Industries Centre and is responsible for V.I. development in his district. DIO collaborates with District administration and Banking institutions to process application with the help of VIO’S for setting up V.I. projects.



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Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament (No. 61 of 1956, as amended by act no. 12 of 1987 and Act No.10 of 2006). In April 1957, it took over the former All India Khadi and Village Industries Board. It is an apex organization under the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, with regard to khadi and village industries within India. It seeks to - "plan, promote, facilitate, organise and assist in the establishment and development of khadi and village industries in the rural areas in coordination with other agencies engaged in rural development wherever necessary.


The broad objectives that the KVIC has set before it are...


  • The social objective of providing employment.
  • The economic objective of producing saleable articles.
  • The wider objective of creating self-reliance amongst the poor and building up a strong rural community spirit.

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