Government Museum, Sikar

Government Museum, Sikar was opened for public on 28th June, 2006. The museum was built mainly to house the sculptures collected from Harsh temple of 10 Century. A.D. located on a hill near Sikar. The building of Government Museum, Sikar was constructed by Public Works Department, Sikar and handed over to Archaeology and Museums department. This building is situated near Madho Sagar Bara Talab which is about 3 km. away from bus stand and about 4 km. from railway station. This museum primarily consists of 287 stone sculptures, 2 inscriptions, 17 metallic images, 51 weapons, 51 paintings, 1256 coin and 205 objects of local art & craft.

The antiquities of Shekhawati region housed in other museums of the department have been transferred here. Besides this, some antiquities have been acquired as gift or from other sources also. One inscription and 252 stone sculptures of Harshnath temple have been gifted by Rao Raja, Sikar. These precious heritages have been displayed in this museum. These cultural heritages reminds us of different dimensions of Shekhawati region. The collection of ancient sculptures of Shekhawati region is remarkable in this museum.

Various galleries have been constituted in the museum. Antiquities found from excavation, sculptures of Harshnath temple, miniature paintings, arms and weapons etc. have been displayed on the ground floor. Antiquities acquired from excavation at Ganeshwar (3000 B.C.) are displayed in excavation gallery. Arrow heads, beads, wheels, copper celts etc., found in Ganeshwar excavation have been displayed in this gallery. A narrow mouthed small cylindrical pot, probably used for storing some valuable liquid and small bowls probably used as a goblet are also shown here. These show the life style of people of Ganeshwar culture.

Stone and terra cotta beads, bone objects, wheel of toy cart, plaque with Buddhist symbols, bangles, iron celt, toy like humped bull, votive tank etc. found from archaeological site Sunari are also displayed in this gallery. Miniature pot (urn), terra cotta balls, stone and terra cotta beads, iron and conch bangles, decorated soft stone pieces, iron spear, sickle etc. found at archaeological site Galav Ashram are also exhibited in the same gallery.

The antiquities from Ganeshwar, Sunari (Jhunjhunu) and Galav Asharm have been displayed together in the excavation gallery for their comparative study.

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Madho Niwas Kothi  
The Madho Niwas Kothi was constructed by Madhav Singh in the Sikar City. He also constructed the famous Victoria Diamonds Jubilee Hall. The walls of the kothi are decorated with golden paintings. 

Devgarh Fort  
Devgarh is 10 km. away from Sikar on Harshnath road and famous for the strategic fort which was built by Rao Raja Devi Singh of Sikar in the year 1787. This place was used by Rao Raja Sikar, for imprisonment of Shekhawati farmers at the time of farmer’s movement. This fort is worth visiting. There is no road upto the fort, treking is advisable.
Clock Tower (Ghantaghar)
Clock tower (Ghantaghar) is situated at the middle of the city. It was built by Rao Raja Kalyan Singh, the last ruler of Sikar, to add beauty to the town. Kalyan Singh had been famous for his love for magnanimous building, palaces, temples and ponds. 


Other Landmarks of Sikar District:-
Havelis (Mansion):
        Chhoti Lal Sagarmal Sodhani Haveli
        Hira Lal Somani Haveli
        Jiwan Ram Biyani Haveli
        Bala Bux Biyani Haveli
        BrijLal Ram Parsad Somani Haveli
        Birdichand Gorilal Biyani Haveli
        Birdichand Gorilal Biyani Guest House
        Mangal Chand Biyani Haveli
        Ganesh Naraian Moti Lal Biyani Haveli
   Haveli at Fathepur - Sikar
Cenotaphs (Chhatris):
        Devi Singh Cenotaph
        Laxman Singh Cenotaph
        Ram Pratap Singh Cenotaph
        Bhairon Singh Cenotaph
        Mukund Singh Cenotaph
        Madhav Singh Cenotaph
        Pokar Mal Biyani Cenotaph
  Cenotaph (Chhatri) at Fathepur - Sikar
Religious Places:
        Gopinath Temple
        Jamma Masjid
        Raghunath Temple
        Digamber Jain Temple,
        Madan Mohan Ji Temple,
        Devipura Balaji Temple,
  Jamma Masjid, Sikar
Some More Places:
        Nehru Park
        Maru Park
        Bara Talab (Madhav Sagar)
        Rani Mahal
        Maji Sa ka well
        Clock Tower
        Jubilee Hall
  Nehru Park, Sikar